Free Taxi Service To Be Discontinued

April 26, 2013

In 2010, the Laboratory contracted with Friendly Cab for an off-hours taxi service that provided free rides to employees and affiliates during the non-operational hours of the shuttle service. Effective May 31, due to budgetary constraints, this free service will be discontinued. Past this date all taxi rides will be at the expense of the rider.


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52 Responses to “Free Taxi Service To Be Discontinued”

  1. Kevin Gagnon says:

    As a user of LBNL for 3 years now I have heavily depended upon this taxi service for weekend hours. There is more to the loss of this than simply not being able to get down the hill easily. Those individuals who work on the weekends often utilize this service to get food and/or supplies, will the lab be offering weekend food services or something similar to offset this?

  2. A says:

    I do not understand why lab can not keep continuing free friendly cab service. Lab have huge budget and running cost for free cab must be not expensive. Otherwise why will free cab service have to be stop? Considering safe, service should be continued, I think.

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