What Is Berkeley Lab? Tell Us How You’d Describe it in 25 Words or Less

March 25, 2013

We’ve all been there. Someone asks: “Berkeley Lab? What’s that?” There are a thousand ways to answer. But as part of the Lab’s re-branding project, Public Affairs is looking for just one from the people who know the Lab best — our employees. The “elevator speech” has to be conversational, easy to remember, accurate, and compelling in a way that makes listeners want to know more. But it can’t be more than 25 words. Post your suggestion in the comment field (below) for this article by April 15.The best ones will be considered and role-played in an open workshop in late April. Here is one to get you started. “Berkeley Lab is a government-funded laboratory that researches everything from renewable energy to the origins of the universe.”

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56 Responses to “What Is Berkeley Lab? Tell Us How You’d Describe it in 25 Words or Less”

  1. Annette Greiner says:

    Berkeley Lab is the mother of all the national laboratories. We work to solve the world’s most complex scientific problems through open, collaborative research.

  2. Alice Muller says:

    Berkeley Lab is a community of people dedicated to the advancement of science to benefit all.

  3. W.A.Wenzel says:

    There are many other Berkeley labs. Ours is unique in history, stature, program-diversity and name. Call us Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, not Berkeley Lab.

  4. TBK Reddy says:

    A national lab committed to path breaking research in energy, environment, biomedical research and future technologies with national priorities in mind and diversity at heart.

  5. Marty White says:

    Haiku for the Lab:

    Ideas hatch and grow.
    Knowledge expands from research.
    Lawrence Berkeley Lab!

  6. Stefano De Santis says:

    An 80-year long history of scientific research. To better understand the world around us. To help make it a better world tomorrow.

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