Today at Berkeley Lab

Employees, Affiliates Must Acknowledge New DOE Computer Monitoring

Per direction from the Department of Energy, Berkeley Lab will turn on a new sensor to monitor network traffic in mid-February. This sensor reports information directly to Department of Energy cyber security and counterintelligence personnel. Since this monitoring will be conducted by the federal government and its contractors, all Berkeley Lab employees and affiliates must acknowledge receipt of a new notice of monitoring. A brief acknowledgement requirement will appear in JHA training requirements in the next few days. For additional information, consult the FAQ on External Monitoring.

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  1. Heino nitsche says:

    Welcome to 1984. We are the country that fought against the totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union. How times do change. Good luck John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Tomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington!

    Heino Nitsche.

  2. Would I get compensated for monitoring prior to knowledge of the disclosure…?

  3. Charles Wohl says:

    Big Brother is here.