Community-Based Traffic Safety Solutions

January 22, 2013

Glenn Kubiak, the Lab’s Chief Operating Officer, is asking employees to think outside of the box to make Lab walkways and roadways safer. Follow the thread in the Safety Culture Forum to see what your colleagues are saying and provide some ideas and insights of your own. More>

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5 Responses to “Community-Based Traffic Safety Solutions”

  1. Stephen Derenzo says:

    We need a safe walkway around the entire lab. Currently it is necessary to walk some sections in the road.

  2. wayne stolte says:

    The busy intersection near the firehouse (Segre/Lawrence) has no walkways, and all traffic has some kind of visual impairment.

  3. Jarek says:

    If people start looking around when they walk/run, as well as listen to the sounds around, rather than listen to music through their devices while writing their e-mails, they will more likely not get into dangerous situations on the road.

    On the other hand, it seems like driving through the tight curves and hills around the lab is beyond capabilities of at least some drivers. Some kind of a driving safety course (hands-on) might help…

  4. barbara tuse says:

    Start over with walkway planning. Discover the ideal walkway location: what is the most efficient and enjoyable route in order to encourage a walking campus. We have views, and landscapers, and great destinations!

  5. Ken Woolfe says:

    Small but significant specific walkway issue: The walkway on Lawrence Road below the ALS (bldg 6)from the cooling towers (bldg 37) up to the firehouse – the walkway completely disappears (and there is no shoulder) near the crest of the hill forcing pedestrians into the road , which is narrow and with very limited sight distance. Car come over the hill quickly.

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