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Lab Hosts Holiday Party on Dec. 19; Features Karaoke and DJ

Employees are invited to attend the Lab’s holiday party on Wednesday, Dec. 19, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Bay View Cafe. Refreshments will be served, and festive attire is encouraged. Entertainment will be provided by the Karaoke Club and a Lab employee DJ. The event also includes a toiletries charity drive, benefiting the BOSS homeless program. Bring towels, shampoo, soap, deodorant, combs, socks, toothpaste, or other personal hygiene products. Donations accepted in the lobby from Dec. 17 to 19.

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  1. Nina Vineyard says:


    You may also drop off at my desk, located at 50A-4119J, all day Thursday (12/20). The agency is picking up all donations on Friday morning.

    -N. Vineyard, x7802

  2. BTW, just wanted to mention that I really appreciate the lab having a toiletries donation drive. Sometimes I try new hair or cleanser products which does’t work out for me, so I have an almost brand new bottle just lying around. I haven’t been able to find other toiletries drives that take partially used products, so it’s great that BOSS would accept those types of donations.

  3. Thanks, Nina! I’ll look around my home to see if I have anything.

  4. Nina Vineyard says:

    I made up a flyer:

    -towels of all sizes should either be new, or clean & gently used
    -socks should be new, as should shower shoes (aka, flip flops)
    -hats & gloves should either be new, or clean & gently used

    -toiletries: bottles of shampoo, liquid soap, etc. could be opened & partially used, but for hygienic purposes, combs/brushes, tooth brushes, nail clippers, etc. should be new.

  5. Do the donations need to be brand new items? I know some charities require that and won’t accept partially used shampoo, etc.