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Chance Meeting Averts Amputation, May Have Saved Life

It was a chance encounter on a Wednesday afternoon in late September that may have saved Xavier Permanyer’s life. Thanks to the concern and efforts of Lab colleague Mike Kritscher (left), Permanyer is healthy, back to work, and very grateful for a unscheduled meeting that very well saved his life. Read the full story on the Safety Culture website, a source for news, issues, and developments related to safety culture at Berkeley Lab.

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  1. Wow – inspiring!

  2. Same thing happened to my late wife, in this case in her right arm, where the lymph nodes had been removed earlier during surgery for breast cancer. After a whole night in the emergency room at Kaiser, Walnut Creek, she was moved into isolation at Diablo Valley Hospital. Five days later, after intravenous injection of 3 different antibiotics, the infection was brought under control and she was discharged. No question: You must act fast in situations such as these.

  3. Ross Schaefer says:

    Great story. Here’s to quick thinking and helping each other!

  4. Troy Stevens says:

    Safety Mike to the rescue!!!!

  5. Deborah Smith says:

    Wonderful Story! Congratulations Mike! May you continue in good health Xavier!

    Deborah 🙂