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Symons Named Full-Time ALD; Search Begins for Nuclear Science Director

James Symons will step aside as Director of the Nuclear Science Division to dedicate full effort to cross-divisional leadership as Associate Laboratory Director for the General Sciences. During the past 10 years “the Nuclear Science Division has flourished under James’s leadership,” said Lab Director Paul Alivisatos in announcing the change, noting major contributions to neutrino physics, relativistic heavy-ion science, superheavy elements, nuclear structure, and nuclear theory, plus leadership in detectors and facilities including GRETINA, ALICE EMCal, the Sanford Underground Laboratory, redirection of the 88-Inch Cyclotron, and important new ties with UC Berkeley. Symons will continue as acting director for NSD during a nation-wide search for a new director.

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  1. fixed. thanks.

  2. Edgardo Browne says:

    It is Associate Laboratory Director (NOT Assistant Laboratory Director).