Sean McFarland, Jennifer Doyle Winners of 35th Runaround

October 23, 2012

Two runners emerged from the dense fog last Friday to take the top spots at this year’s Runaround. The male winner was Sean McFarland of the Physical Biosciences Division, with a time of 9:24 minutes. He also won first place in 2010. The female winner was Jennifer Doyle of the Engineering Division, with a time of 12 minutes. This is her first Runaround win. This year’s winning t-shirt design — a playful nod to recent mountain lion sightings — was created by Sandy Miarecki of the Nuclear Sciences Division. A full list of runners and times will be posted in the coming weeks. Go here view Runaround photos.

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3 Responses to “Sean McFarland, Jennifer Doyle Winners of 35th Runaround”

  1. Tom McVeigh says:

    Clever design on the T shirt. Pete Montoya’s band sounded great.

  2. GV says:

    Where can I view the complete results?

  3. Lyn says:

    An announcement will appear in TABL when the full results are tallied.

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