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UC Police Department to Provide Lab Security Starting Nov. 1

The University of California Police Department (UCPD) will be providing security services for the Lab and its satellite locations effective Thursday, Nov. 1. UCPD has effective capabilities, organization, and tools to fill the Lab’s security needs in an integrated way. Site access contact information has not changed, nor has the Blackberry Gate number for security issues (x5472). The Emergency Operations Center, to be contacted during emergencies, keeps the same number (x6666). In addition to an enhanced level of customer service, Security Officers will be wearing new uniforms.

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  1. Does this mean, that in case of emergency, UCPD will be called or will we have police at our gates?

  2. Sherwood Parker says:

    What arrangements are being made so the present security personnel, with all their experience and detailed knowledge of the lab, can be kept on as part of the new group? I assume you will be giving them additional training. Will that start soon?

  3. Robin Mitchell says:

    I am wondering what teh “enhanced level of customer service” is going to be ? Somehow having a “police department”, even if it is UCPD, fill the lab’s security role, seems a bit odd.

  4. Mike Fahmie says:

    We’ve gone full circle! Will LBL’s PD be distinct from UCB, having it’s own chief and HQ as it was in the past, or will it be treated as a ‘beat’ attached to UCB ?