ALS Researchers Have a ‘Ball’ at ACA Meeting

August 3, 2012

With Berkeley Lab beach balls in hand, Corie Ralston (right), Head of the Berkeley Center for Structural Biology (BCSB), Jay Nix (center), PBD Affiliate/Beamline Scientist for the Molecular Biology Consortium-Chicago, and Simon Morton, Instrumentation Manager for the BCSB brought a bit of California to the recent Annual Meeting of the American Crystallography Association in Boston. Scientific and poster sessions along with workshops were featured at this crystallographic exhibition, the largest in North America.

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2 Responses to “ALS Researchers Have a ‘Ball’ at ACA Meeting”

  1. Corie Ralston says:

    Don’t forget that many other ALS groups contributed to the booth and were there at the conference! Attending were: Simon Teat, Christine Beavers, James Holton and Scott Classen. Also represented at the booth but not attending the conference were: Carolyn Larabell and Mark LeGros (x-ray tomography), Alastair MacDowell and Jason Knight (high pressure diffraction), and Martin Kunz (Laue Microdiffraction). Did I forget anyone?

  2. Christine Beavers says:

    Thanks for the addition, Corie! Nobumichi Tamura was also represented at the booth- he is on the Laue Microdiffraction beamline, 12.3.2.

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