Today at Berkeley Lab

Lab Shuttles Now Feature Safe-Turn Alert for Pedestrians

In an effort to improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, MV Transportation and Berkeley Lab are introducing the “Safe Turn Alert” for its buses. Safe Turn Alert broadcasts an audible recorded-voice alert to pedestrians and cyclists at crosswalks when the bus is making a turn. It also alerts the driver inside of the bus to look both ways as they are making their turn. The system turns on automatically as it senses the vehicle making the turn.

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  1. Todd Hansen says:

    It is a mindless voice going off that ~99% of the time is meaningless because there is not a pedestrian anywhere within 20 feet of the bus (I’ve heard it 3 times in one intersection, over a dozen times in one trip from BART to lab). Hence I think it makes operation of the buses less safe as a distraction to the driver and/or less likely to hear a real warning.